Anyone that has ever been involved in the sport of Boxing should be well aware of the curse of ‘conflicting styles‘, and although I’m no expert on the matter, I do have a rudimentary knowledge of that premise. Which is that some boxers are tailor-made for the other.

Such was the case back on October 30th, 1974 when the ‘Heavyweight Champion of The World’, George Foreman, squared off against the former Heavyweight Champion, Muhammad Ali, in what has been dubbed as perhaps the greatest sporting event of the 20th Century, ‘The Rumble in the Jungle‘. And if any of you were willing to bet against the odds of Muhammad Ali winning this particular fight, you would have denied yourself the chance at great riches. Because Muhammad Ali kicked George Foreman’s ass!

All because of the fact that these two boxers possessed what is called, ‘conflicting styles‘. In other words.. a good boxer should always defeat a good brawler, simply because a good brawler comes straight at his opponent.

In other words… Muhammad Ali was sticking punches like lawn darts in this fight, while George Foreman was only landing the punches of a weakling giant. Further, Muhammad Ali was not only a superior boxer, but he was also a boxer that could hit hard as well.

George Foreman – vs – Muhammad Ali



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